Saturday, February 28, 2009


We've passed B's football number (77) and are heading toward his baseball number (37) as fast as we can get there. Today marks 70 days until the wedding, which is huge when I think that we started in the 200s!
This week has been great, planning-wise. I've ordered (and received!) shoes for the wedding, sent off our information for the engagement announcement, booked my first fitting, met with the florist, caterer, and hair people, met with some of the people for the rehearsal dinner, and made an appointment with the priest to go over the ceremony. Ok, B did that last one, but it counts to the overall "done" list, which I love!
What does the next week hold? The engagement announcement hits the paper, the invitations go out, and get started on the rehearsal dinner guest list (our side, anyway). Mom and Dad are out of town for the week, so it's somewhat of a catch-up week for me. Catch-up, bills, and taxes. Oh yes, it is a wild and crazy weekend.
70 days. Come on, May!

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Z said...

Did you know that you can add a countdown gadget to your blog that counts down to a user specified date? Might be fun...Though I guess you're pretty much already doing that, huh?~;o)