Friday, February 27, 2009

Orange is My Favorite Color least for today. In honor of our six (SIX!) year anniversary on Sunday, B sent orange roses to my office, meaning he knows me well enough to know that half the fun of getting flowers delivered is having them to brighten your desk for a little while before taking them home. Currently they're just hanging out, brightening my rainy-Friday spirit and making the whole office smell like a flower shop. Makes me think of the wedding...

B's a champ when it comes to flowers. While he regularly goes with roses (or tulips or a mixed bouquet, when the occasion calls for it), he always keeps me guessing color-wise. I've had everything from classic red to red-and-white hybrids to yellow to last year's lime green (seriously!) to this year's orange. It's fun and makes me happy to think of him sitting there pondering the color options. I'm sure these are actually called "Sunset" or something like that, but orange works for me.

So thank you, B, for once again brightening my day with the prettiest flowers and the sweetest note to celebrate our "last anniversary." I can't wait to marry you either.

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Anonymous said...

They're called "Passion." Honestly, who names colors these days. Then again, I'm not entirely sure that the roses aren't some specific genus that rosus passionus or something.