Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Big 8-0

It seems like only yesterday I was celebrating the milestone of reaching double digits in our countdown and now here we are hitting the big 8-0! So I guess that means, rather than yesterday, that was more like 20 days ago.

It's fun to think what all took place in 20 days, and what will be done in the next 20.

In the past 20 days...

I signed a new lease

Had a makeover day with the girls

Addressed my portion of the wedding invites

First (and second!) attempt at homemade biscotti

Went to Atlanta to help pick B's pictures for the wedding slideshow

Orchestrated a photoshoot at work

Flew to Durham for five fabulous days with B, plus time with my sister and her family

My niece turned 1!

Celebrated Valentine's Day by cooking Coq au Vin for the first time!

Picked out wedding jewelry

Got B measured for his tux

In the next 20 days...

My dress arrives! (Fingers crossed)

B starts his spring break

The Oscars

Bridesmaid dresses arrive

Order shoes

The engagement announcement hits the papers

B and I celebrate our six year anniversary (yes, you read that right)

Mardi Gras (take your celebrations as you can!)

Meet with florist, caterer, and hair lady during the whirl-a-wedding weekend in Florence

Book appointment with the priest and pray like crazy that he doesn't balk at the 4pm ceremony time

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