Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Losing My Mind

Hitting the "less than 3 months" mark has done a number on my poor mind. I've gotten a form of mommy brain, as it's known, only without having produced a kid. It started mildly with a few forgotten notes in my calendar, which I caught before they caused any trouble, but then progressed last night to full-blown crazy.

My dear friend M and I decided to have dinner together last night. She emailed a few weeks ago, then we touched base again to invite another good friend, reconfirming the time and everything.

So last night, I arrive at PF Chang's and notice that, despite being 10 minutes late, I'm the first one there. This isn't a normal thing for M-- she's a punctual Patty for sure. But it was 5:30 and the restaurant is just off one of the busiest roads in town. I grab a table and order a glass of wine. A few minutes, my phone rings.

M: Hi!
Me: Hi!
(Pause. Both of us too polite to say what we're thinking, which is "Where the hell are you?")
M: Um, am I at the right California Pizza Kitchen?
Me: CPK? I thought we were meeting at PF Chang's?
M: No, I think we said CPK.
Me: Well I think Shelley thinks it's PF Chang's, too.
M: No, Shelley's right here with me.

So I grab the waitress and cancel the wine, then dash across the street, where CPK is (thankfully!) located, to find a table full of girls happily waiting my harried self.

When I got home, I checked my calendar. "PF Chang's, 5:30." Hm... So I went back to M's original email, which clearly said:

How about 5:30 Monday at CPK@ the Summit?

Which clenches it--I've lost my mind. With so many details floating around in my mind (flowers, food, cleaning out the apartment, mailing invitations, taxes, buying shoes, the announcement for the paper, and the rehearsal dinner guest list), the social part of my brain has been reassigned, and is now exclusively freelancing for the planning part of my brain.

I tell you this not to embarrass myself totally, but to warn you. If we make plans, and I seemingly don't show, call me. I'm probably sitting in a diner across town drinking a glass of wine and happily waiting for you to show up. And I'm so happy having a moment to sit and relax, that I'll probably wait a really long time before calling you to verify where we're meeting.

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