Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

B: I called and talked to the priest to set up our time to meet over spring break.

Me: Great! What did he say?

B: He said that sounded good, but he's in constant flux, so he'd have to get back to us and make sure that date still worked closer to the time and reminded me that he's an old man and could easily become incapacitated, so we should have a back-up plan.

Me: (Silence). Seriously?

B: Seriously.

Me: So he basically told you he could die?

B: It sounded like it.

Me: Seriously?

B: Yeah, seriously.


Anne Krashel said...

I stubbled across your blog looking for a barbie cake. You are funny!! Loved reading a few of your posts.
You said your friend hates fondant, you should try the marshmallow fondant. Made with, of course marshmallows, and icing sugar. Easy and tastes good.
Good luck with your wedding planning.

Little Red said...

I completely forgot what my original comment was going to be, because google blogger decided that the 'word verification' for this comment should be 'moses.' And this has derailed my original train of thought.

Z said...

You do know that Plan B is the morning after pill, right? ~;o)

A said...

Indeed I do. :) When I searched google images for "Plan B," I got several interesting options in my results...