Thursday, February 12, 2009

Missed Moments

Even though B and I have been dating for approximately forty forevers, there are still times that I look back wistfully and wish I had been there at that moment. It happens sometimes when his friends are telling stories, or his parents are reliving memories, but mostly it happens when I see pictures of him. There's a whole other B that I never knew! This B played football. Did you know that? A center, no less (right, honey?). Big guy, that B.

I remember going with him to watch his high school homecoming game one year during our fall break from college. My high school didn't have football, so it was a totally new thing to be wandering around the bleachers watching the "kiddos" enjoying the nights with their (super serious) dates. More than that, though, I loved watching B's eyes light up as he watched the team play. I think part of him is still on the football field, and I'm pretty sure that gets proven to me every time I start to nap while he's watching a Falcons game and he has to wake me up in advance when he knows a big play is going to happen. Not to share the big play, mind you, but to keep from scaring me with a big whooping outburst.

Anyway, I found this picture while sorting through the hundreds that B's family has stored on their home computer and I love it. It makes me (oddly) proud, excited, and butterfly-ish all at once. Plus, it's a uniform! And we love uniforms...

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