Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Get the Windex, the Bride is Coming!"

It's no coincidence that today's countdown number (lucky 77!) is the same as B's football number in high school and it turned out to be an excellent day for wedding planning.  B's parents came over yesterday morning just as Mom and I were embarking on a marathon planning day.  We'd told them to come on over, as we'd both be busy and we'd just regroup for dinner.  Little did we know!

Mom and I started the day meeting with the florist who was and is a hoot.  Hilarious.  Brilliant, creative, talented, yada yada yada.. he's also just plain funny.  He got me so tickled when he was telling a story about realizing the venue hadn't cleaned the windows before the reception.  He ran into the space yelling, "GET THE WINDEX! THE BRIDE IS COMING!" Now if you don't get tickled picturing a middle aged man yelling that out to a room of staffers, then you're not awake, and certainly not welcome at the wedding.  

Apparently he's very big into windows, as he cleans the ones at his shop every morning because, as he puts it, "Do you think Neiman Marcus opens without cleaning its windows?" Touche, my floral friend.  Add him to my cake man, who was distinctly overwhelmed with purchasing his first baseball ever for B's groom's cake, and you can see the fun starting to shape in my collection of vendors alone.

After meeting with the florist for several hours (very productive hours, indeed), Mom and I worked to nail down the reception menu, starting with the martini bar and ending with the poached salmon.  I can honestly say that I can't wait.  I feel like I'm on a roller coaster at the point where you're still climbing but you're just about to cruise over the top and start flying down the other side.  Come on dress fitting!  Walking down the aisle!  Mini crab cake!

B's parents did their own running around all day, meeting with their caterer (who fed them for 3.5 hours), then the same florist.  His Mom was nervous going in, so I told her the florist could show her any of our selections or information, to which he yelled out, "But then they'll see the helicopter exit that you tacked onto their bill!"  For the record, there will be no helicopter, but it sure made me happy to hear them giggling on the way into another epic meeting.

We grabbed dinner last night at the country club where we'll have the reception and toasted a day well done, and a weekend well planned, then headed to bed before starting epic day number two.

Today, I had my hair trial and B's Mom met with the stylist that will be doing her hair, then we both hustled off to meet one of their rehearsal dinner vendors.  I have to say, having a Steel Magnolias moment with both your Mom and your soon-to-be Mother-in-law in the local salon is pretty classic.  The three of us reading OK! and US magazines while I'm under a dryer and B's Mom has her wedding "set" in... it's a pretty great memory.

After meeting with their vendors, we hustled to the tux store, where we learned that not all vests come with backs (Whaa?? Isn't that the point of a vest verses a cumberbun?), several of the groomsmen's measurements didn't make numerical sense, and ring bearer tuxes, though half the size, are the same in cost when renting from a tuxedo establishment.  Oh the things you learn!

We finished their visit with a trip to the local catfish restaurant, where we loaded them down with deep-fried fish, fries, hushpuppies, and cole slaw (the only thing not brown on the whole table, especially when you factor in the super-sweet tea).  Full and content, they ran two more errands before heading home.  At least I think they're heading home.  For all I know, they're back at the catfish place for seconds and might just show up on the doorstep for a place to sleep tonight.  

We'd love to have them back.  And we might even give BBQ a try tomorrow.  I know a great place in the back of a gas station...

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