Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Worn Out

It never ceases to amaze me that things that are so fun can also be so tiring. I'm exhausted! This weekend was wonderful, but I'm still slowly catching up from all the driving, getting up "early," and being nice to people over and over again. Come on, be honest--it takes work to be nice to people you've never met, ie vendors. It's like the first-date dance. You want them to like you enough to want to work with you, even though you know deep down that, whether they like you or not, if you cut them a check, you're in.
B's tuckered out, too. He's finishing one final Atlanta interview (this go-round) and then flying back to Durham late tonight where he'll spend the next two weeks in his own apartment. I know that sounds crazy, but he's been traveling for the past three weeks. It'll be hard not seeing him for just shy of three weeks, but I know we're both looking forward to sleeping and getting regular-life things done. I'd love to go to an interview dinner every night, especially if I can always have crab cakes, but let's be honest... I'm be tired and would never fit into my (currently nonexistent) wedding dress.

No rest for the weary in Alabama, though. this weekend mom and I join B's mom in Atlanta for two days of dress shopping, then I'm in a high school friend's wedding the weekend after. So many good things! If only I could find someone to clean my apartment while I was gone...

I'm looking forward to this week though, what's left of it (where is September going? And what's its hurry??) anyway.

Tonight a high school friend, L, and I are taking dinner to another high school friend whose husband is sick. She lives a little bit outside of town, so I'm looking forward to catching up with L on the way, then I think we'll grab dinner after. Wednesday is Grandma Dinner at the church, as per usual, then Thursday the Birmingham girls are gathering for a cookout and the two-hour premier of Grey's Anatomy. Yea!

This week I'm focusing on the little things, namely the little things I need to get done in my life, like trying on a bridesmaid dress, finding shoes for said dress, and crossing off about a dozen things on my work to-do list.

So the plan for today? Call Holy Spirit to get Mass times for this weekend, write about mac & cheese, food from the broiler, and meal planning, and write my cousin, E, who is going through Navy boot camp. I think I need an assistant, or maybe just a Blackberry...

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