Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We (May) Have a Priest!

B got a call from Holy Spirit (Church, not 1/3 of the Holy Trinity) during a meeting with a possible caterer for the rehearsal dinner and it was Father Flanagan saying that he'd love to meet with us. Father F's been kind of cagey as to whether he'll actually do the service, but it's looking good. We love him because he's personable and nice and really enthusiastic about, well, everything. He's the perfect balance between the priests B grew up with the the pastors that I had when I was younger.
We're meeting with him in October, but it's promising. Otherwise I think we'll either ask the abbot from Florence or a priest my mom grew up with in Birmingham.
Now B and I have moved on to wondering where you take a Father for lunch. B said a deli. I voted sit-down. I like priests, but am wary of having a long wait for a table or at the pick-up window to make smalltalk. What do you say?
Getting over myself and back to work...

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