Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun Fact

You know how the days get progressively longer as you move toward mid-summer, then progressively shorter as you move toward the dead of winter? Obviously, they do. But did you know by how much each day they're shortened or lengthened? Three minutes. Think about that. Each day is one song shorter (or one song longer, depending on the season). One sauteed chicken cutlet shorter (ok, honestly, can you guess what I do for a living?). How crazy is that?

You might be wondering how I know this fabulous factoid, so I'll tell you that it comes courtesy of the clubhouse manager of a golf course in Florence. Which is fitting, I think, that a man who measures his time in 15 minute tee-time increments would know how many green fees he's losing (or gaining) per day.

I always thought the days got shorter faster than anticipated, but now I get how I can leave work at the same time everyday and it somehow always feels much later. For now, I can still walk after work until about 6:30, but soon (in...20 days), the sun will be going down closer to quitting time. As sad as that may sound, I'm excited for fall... soup, boots, fuzzy socks, and holidays. Bring it on.

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cp said...

i am about to be obnoxious...and show off my new calculus confidence. i think the rate at which the days are getting longer/shorter changes with the seasons? i think its like the derivative of the distance of the sun from the equator or based on a sine wave or something, and so right after the summer solstice, the rate of decreasing daylight is relatively lower and increases until the autumn equinox?? maybe the avg is 3 min per day.
i suck.