Friday, September 26, 2008

Go Greek

Last night was an amazing night, and not just because I got to watch three hours of TV commercial free (thank you, Tivo!). The Birmingham girls and I gathered at K's new house (it will remain "new" until someone else buys one, I'm sure) to watch the season premiers of Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. They didn't disappoint, and neither did our dinner.
Most of us live/have lived in apartment complexes for the past, oh, about three years. Apartment complex=No yard=No grill. So when K got a house with a super-cute back porch, she immediately invested in a gas grill (named Gus, appropriately enough) and called us over to fire up the flames.

When we planned our TV-palooza night, J decided kabobs would be the perfect way to go, so K got the chicken and pita, J brought tomato and onion, and I picked up pineapple, bell pepper, and wine. But something was missing. Despite my hatred of white foods (which we'll get into later, I'm sure), I had a hankering to make some tzatziki sauce, a Greek yogurt-based sauce flavored with herbs, lemon juice, garlic, and shredded cucumber.

It was super-easy to make. The only trick is that you have to shred and salt the cucumber, then lay it out on paper towels to get the water out before mixing it with the yogurt. While simple, I'd say this is a crucial step. Otherwise, you'd end up with really runny tzatziki sauce, and nobody wants that.

The dip was a hit-- tangy, light, delicious, and totally fat-free. We spread it on the pita slices and topped it with grilled zucchini, chicken, bell pepper, and more. I think we invented Greek pizza. I love these girls. We skewered about 15 kabobs-full of fruit, veggies, and chicken, then just slid all the ingredients into a bowl after they'd been cooked. It was the easiest, healthiest dinner we've had in a while. And it made me pine for a grill of my own.

While the nights are still warm-ish, get outside and make some delicious kabobs, then top them with this super-easy sauce/dip/amazingness. You won't be sorry!

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