Monday, September 29, 2008

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

What??? Up at 6:23 this morning, too excited to go back to sleep. Seriously? You know how you wake up sometimes, just for a minute, then snuggle back into the warm pillow and blankets and doze back off? I LOVE those moments. My moments are, for the time being, ruined, because I wake up, just slightly, and instantly something floods into my mind... My dress. The flower girls. Dancing with B.

These aren't stressful moments, mind you. They're happy. So happy that they wake me up completely, which is how I managed to fit in two episodes of Saved by the Bell and two episodes of Fresh Prince before work.
Oh, silly mind and body, you must sleep. A friend, J, just emailed me to go to an event in October with her, to which I responded: B's in town for that weekend in February, and we have an appointment that night with a cake guy.

She, logically, writes back: ...that weekend in February? it's for October!

I defiantly begin to respond, No, no he's in town in October, then I realize that I had written February. Whaa?? Not good, and not good for a Monday morning back in the office.

Bring on the Serta sheep... I've got to get some sleep!

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