Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend in Florence

B and I took off for the weekend up to Florence to a) see Mom (hi Mom!) and b) tackle part two of the wedding gift organization, Operation China, Everyday, & Crystal.

We left Birmingham after dinner on Friday, arriving long after everyone was in bed. I woke up at 6am Satuday morning (I know, seriously?) and couldn't go back to sleep. It was perfect, though. I got up and headed downstairs to hang with Mom, the dependable early bird of the house. We got to visit for an hour or so, then the kids started waking up. They're fun, but they sure change the mood of a room quickly!

I convinced them to let B sleep for a while longer and shortly after that battle, he woke up and made his way down the hall. They crew headed out for breakfast while we got started on the gifts-- sorting things into place settings, figuring out what we had, figuring out what we needed, and packing it all up into a (somewhat) manageable pile of boxes.

We figured out what needed to be exchanged and got moving, hitting three stores before finally stopping for lunch at 3 p.m. B was such a trooper! The ladies at the department store just ate him up, too.

B had been dying to try a BBQ place in town, Singletons, and boy was it amazing. Granted, we hadn't eaten since 6 p.m. the night before, but still so good. A few more errands and then we were home, where B, Mom, and I did a little more organizing, got the kids dinner, drank our fair share of wine, and then watched the wedding video so that the kiddos could see themselves in the ceremony.

Sunday, we headed to church and then I got to work finishing the packing while B hunkered down and helped Mom with little 2-man jobs around the house, then he went on to jump the Supra, wash it, and put it away in the garage so that Mom didn't have to worry about it. Super B!

It was so awesome being with Mom and just getting good hugs from her again. She's going to help us with the move in a few weeks, which I so appreciate! Plus I love having excuses to see her any day of the week. :)

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marybgreenway said...

eh... we were there for the wedding!!!!