Friday, August 14, 2009

There, I Fixed It

Stumbled across this hilarious blog of things people have "fixed." Sure, they likely work, but I wouldn't put them back on the market (or the street, for that matter) anytime soon. I found this hilarious picture that, I believe, foreshadows the coming week for B and myself. Oddly enough, it also reminds me of lots of family moments...

1) My sister launched the first recycling program at our high school. To transport all that paper to the recycling center, she had to borrow our family station wagon. And by "all that paper" I mean a whole lotta paper. See where we're going with this? Door slam. Glass breaks. Net gain from recycling an entire high school's paper? -$250. No good deed goes unpunished, sister!

2) When my oldest brother embarked on the tour de colleges, we allll tagged along (bless his heart). My family still talks about the school visit where we pulled up and watched this station wagon peel in at the last minute, packed to the hilt. The Dad opens the back door and slides off the top of the pile of stuff, where he must've been napping. Classic!

3) While we never traveled in this much, um, style, we did see most of the country via RV. You have drawers on an RV, so there's no need for suitcases. You try rolling into the Greenbriar or the Biltmore with garbage bags of clothes. Mom was so proud. :)

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