Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eek! Ack! Baby!

My sister-in-law is in labor. We're going to have another baby in this family before the week is out! Funny how you know it's coming for 9 months and yet it still sends everyone into a little tizzy.

It's also funny, too, how with their first child, I booked a flight and flew down the next day. Granted, I can't leave town right now due to all the pick-ups going on this weekend in anticipation of move-day, but still. Makes me wonder if people stopped for gas on the way to see me in the hospital. :)

So fun! Tonight B and I have a fun farewell dinner with the firm where he's working. We went last year and had a blast. Can't wait for tonight! How can we not have a great night? Celebrating a great summer on the eve of loading up B's Jeep, plus a new baby. Did I mention the baby?

Today's been wild in its own right. Forget the fire-breathing dishwasher. Let's talk about insurance instead. B's canceling his school policy because he's on mine. Only... he's not. Wait, what?

He was on it in May. But then when we rolled into the new policy he apparently "fell off," according to the benefits lady. "Oh this happened to some people in Birmingham." Exciting! I'm sure the hospital would understand... They're fixing everything and making the policy retroactive to July 1, so all should be well. I'll believe it when I can print him a temp card! For now, B, keep your BCBS cards in your wallet. At least the hospital will think you have insurance!

The move countdown is full-throttle on at this point. First load goes tomorrow, family comes to get a few pieces of furniture on Saturday, the washer/dryer goes on Sunday... come Monday I should be living, literally, out of a suitcase.

I'll post updates on baby Carolyn (love the name!) when I get them. Her middle name is going to be Deann(a?), in honor of the name the monkeys gave my Dad, their grandpa, "Dee." After I got off the phone with Mom, I did have this huge instinctive lurch to call Dad. It's hard, but today, we're happy.

FOR THE RECORD: Do NOT, under any circumstances, search google images for "labor and delivery." You will, I promise you, be sorry. B? Are you listening? Back away!

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