Friday, August 14, 2009

It Has Begun!

Just realized it's almost 1 am.  Why am I still awake?  The move, part one, is fully underway.  B's on the road with one seriously back-heavy Jeep.  Pray for his shocks! Tomorrow the family comes to get some of the furniture we aren't taking with us, so I'm up pulling together a few final items.  The closet is packed and tomorrow is a day-o-laundry before the washer and dryer are hauled out of here.  

The only thing sad about tonight is that B's out of town for a few days-- the longest since we've been married.  I'm thankful that August isn't bringing about the usual feelings of "oh my goodness here we go long distance again."  Instead, I'm just excited to get going.  Durham bound!  At least after I meet this new sweet baby.

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