Monday, August 10, 2009

Three Months!

B and I celebrated a double-whammy this weekend: our (belated) engagement anniversary and the three-month mark of our wedding. Hard to believe how long those 90 days felt leading up to the wedding, and how fast they're flying now!

To celebrate our engagement, B and I did a do-over of the actual big day, starting with the engagement sandwich (he never had a chance!) and finishing with B literally having the nervous fidgets as we walked up to the picnic spot. We packed the red wine and subbed in caramel kisses for the chocolate cupcakes of last year. Plus, we realized what the forgotten part of our picnic was-- black bean and corn salsa. Neither of us could remember what else had been the in basket. This year we opted for olive hummus and sweet potato chips.

I know, to some, it may seem odd to celebrate such "little" things, such tiny moments, but to us, they're big and real and, if I'm being honest, necessary these days. So many things are changing, both good and bad, and it makes me so thankful that we can sit and savor a moment or an anniversary that brings nothing but warm and happy memories flooding back.

So away we went. Granted, this picnic was much less stressful than the last, as B had a big question to pop and a ring box to hide in his pocket. We spent a few hours enjoying our dinner, walking up to the top of Vulcan ("About this time last year, you were ready to throw someone over the side, right sweetie?" "Absolutely.") It tickled me to see B actually get a little anxious walking up there, a good reminder of the pressure he must've felt in a) asking such a big question and b) wanting so badly for me to be happy.

Other than that, the weekend continued to be fabulous. We did a few test drives on Friday evening before repeating a now-favorite shrimp recipe. Saturday, we ran a few errands (finally got those tires!) and picked out deck furniture, which is a) half-off at Lowe's and b) now necessary as I'll be keeping my job after we move to Durham! For now, it's only until February, but that's six more months of income, benefits, and being part of a team that I really love. Thanks for the prayers!

Yesterday we had a fun flurry of activity when we realized my sister-in-law had gone into labor. They sent her home a few hours later to wait and, trooper that she is, she actually kept the plans to celebrate her three-year-old's birthday party at a local pizza place. B and I had a lot of fun catching up with the family, playing with the kids, and getting more boxes before turning in early last night. This is his last week at work here in town. Time has sure flown by.

I love you, B! Thanks for making these three months amazing!

Memories from this month: lake weekend with his high school buddies and their wives/fiances; another of his high school buddies got engaged (so exciting!); finished the wedding thank you notes (again); finished the wedding gift exchange game (finished our china, crystal, everyday, and wine glasses-- yea!); celebrated two monkey birthdays; almost got a puppy (whew! dodged that bullet); almost got puppies for two monkey birthday gifts (ha!)

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