Monday, August 3, 2009

Email of the Day

My thesis advisor wrote me this morning in response to my "name change" email, asking if I'd gotten married. I wrote back:

I did! On May 9th, I married fellow Princeton alum and 05er BK. He was in the history department, but we like him anyway. We'll be moving to Durham (from Birmingham) in about three weeks for his final year of law school at Duke, then to Jacksonville, FL after graduation for a one-year clearkship. I'm starting to wonder why I didn't pay more attention to my classes on the Odyssey!

He replied:

Well congratulations! Or felicitations, which is better etiquette, I am told. I am so glad that B is obviously a giant brain and someone who can handle all your future royalties and contracts. Secretly, I was afraid it was the ball player. I love baseball, but consider A-Rod and his matrimonial track record, not to mention substance abuse. Now if B and the ballplayer are the same man, then you have hit the jackpot.

Jackpot, indeed!

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~Z~ said...

So...clerkship in Jacksonville, huh? Very cool. ~;o) Federal? State? I'm pretty sure you never officially mentioned it in this blog, as I have gone back to read the last month of posts (in order!) since I missed so many while I was in china. Please offer Brian my congrats.