Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Change, Change, Change

Times are a'changing, but it's all good. This week is my first week working from home in Durham and, I have to say, I love it. B set up this amazing office for me, so I'm taken care of there, plus a great back porch with a table at just the right height for my laptop. Nothing like drawing a little Tailgating inspiration from the great outdoors!

So far I've worked on the patio, on the back deck, and in the office and, I have to say, it's going great. B's back in school, so he's up and out before I'm even awake. I'm so excited for this year. What a fabulous treat to be with him every day. Oh the things some take for granted. :)

This week is a little nutty. Not only are we moving in, starting work, and starting school, but we've also got some family in town, which is such a treat! I promised B that next week would be more normal. You know, dinner and whatnot. But for now, we're both just so thankful to be in one place and have the move totally completed.

Things I'm looking forward to: grocery shopping, going for a walk with a college girlfriend, having tea with a former coworker, and celebrating my upcoming birthday at the beach with a bunch of B's high school buddies. So many wonderful things happening, so much to look forward to!

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Julie said...

Change is fun isn't it? I'm starting part-time business school at NYU in a few weeks. Thought I'd be terrified about slapping on another layer to my schedule but I'm excited!!