Sunday, August 30, 2009

This is My Life?

Unbelievable. So lucky.

B and I took off this weekend to meet his parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousin at the beach on the North Carolina shore for a few days. His family has a beach house there, which arguably made Duke a more attractive choice for law school!

We arrived late and took a walk on the beach with his parents. About 20 minutes into the walk, B stumbled over something moving in the moonlight, what we assumed was a crab. Nope, not even. Turns out, it's sea turtle hatching season and it was a little lost baby sea turtle no bigger than your palm flapping his little arms toward a bright streetlight, which he'd mistaken for the glowing moon, which beckons these babies to water.

B and his Dad spent the better part of ten minutes guiding this little guy toward the water with the help of a flashlight suspended inches above his little head. By the time they had him almost all the way, his Mom spotted another one, starting the process all over. Nothing makes you love your husband more than seeing him on his hands and knees pushing sand into a makeshift wall to guide a newly-hatched sea turtle toward the ocean. Love it. We didn't see any more, so here's hoping everyone else had safe travel!

We spent the weekend (when not saving endangered wildlife) taking long beach walks, eating deliciously fresh seafood, and watching storms roll through from the safety of the back porch of a beach bar.

It was so great seeing his family and getting out of Durham. I had a few sad moments (Dad loved the beach; Dad always wore that kind of beach hat), but nothing soothes the soul like a good saltwater scrub, or a float in the complex pool.

We got home about an hour ago. Dinner's in the oven and B's hard at work on a little homework. We're both exited to see Mom and the Smith side of the family tomorrow night for a little dinner and playtime. We're so blessed to have so much family around us. Thank God!


~Z~ said...

SOOOO jealous you got to see baby sea turtles. I've seen a couple of sea turtles when SCUBA diving, and once I snorkeled for like 20 minutes with a teenage one, but I've never seen the babies and I've always wanted to!!

Katie said...

I am jealous! That is awesome that you saved the baby sea turtles!