Thursday, August 6, 2009

No Friday! No!

Where has this week gone? The move countdown is on-- 15 days! I got great news on Monday that I'll be able to keep my job, at least for the time-being. So that means I'm officially moving over a weekend rather than departing here on a "last day." Wild!
Big news... selling things on Craigslist (so long, washer/dryer!), prepping for a wild moving day (two weeks from tomorrow, please pray), B received an offer at a Birmingham firm (yea!)... and so much more, I'm sure.
Right now, we're enjoying a wild week of dinners with lawyers, firm softball games, and an unexpected one-day trip to Chicago. Hopefully this weekend will be a little slower, though we're anticipating a few things already including a car test drive, organization of some important papers, new tires, and hopefully some purging of unworn or ill-fitting clothing.
The good news about all us kids moving at the same time is that I'm getting boxes from the siblings, so that's exciting! Booked the movers this morning. Always fun to start the conversation with, "Now, this sounds crazy..."
We've got 15 days left to enjoy the city, and B will be gone for approximately 4-5 of those. This is nuts. Bring on the monotony!

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