Monday, August 17, 2009

Dear Weekend

I missed you! Where did you go?


Ok, it's true, the weekend flew by. So fast, in fact, that I still haven't gotten to meet or hold my sweet niece! Friday night, I packed B up and he headed out on the road. I cleaned and packed for a few more hours that night, then completely crashed.

Saturday morning, I got up early to finish packing all the "give away" piles before my aunt and cousin arrived to take a few pieces of furniture and lots of kitchen/home decor supplies. It took us three hours and four carloads, but we got everything to their house. Thanks, guys!

We finished just in time for me to get home and cleaned up before I met my high school girls for a "yea us" dinner at the Melting Pot. We don't always see each other and often miss birthdays and other milestones, so we try to get together as much as possible just to be like, "Hey! I remember you! You're going great and amazing things!"

These girls are fantastic. Once one of them posts a picture (ahem, ladies?), I'll link over to it. Beautiful girls, of course, but also quite talented. We've got two pharmacists, a nurse anesthethis (right, MB?), a lady that knows her numbers, and a stay-at-home mom to one of the cutest one-year-olds I know! I love having dinner with them, and the Melting Pot proved to be the perfect spot to go. It takes forever there-- we spent about three hours on dinner-- but for us, that's the point! I came home that night and read my book before crashing, again, in bed.

Sunday morning was another early one. The girl who bought my washer and dryer was coming around 2, so I needed to make sure I had all my laundry done and figure out how to unhook the washer and dryer without a) electrocuting myself or b) flooding the apartment. Luckily everything worked out fine and they got the units out of the apartment in about 15 minutes flat. Love it!

Three trash bags and a lot of cleaning later, I headed out to meet friends to watch Julie & Julia. Loved it! It actually made me a little sad. Not sure if it's because it made me miss B and feel a little lonely or if it was just my first "alone" downtime in a long time. The movie was fun and happy-- no big twists, yea!-- but what I loved most was seeing how enamored Julia was with her husband. Someone described it as a lifetime love affair, and it certainly felt that way. I think that's why I really missed B. :)

Headed to the grocery store amidst Hurricane Claudette and managed to get all my groceries home before the power went out (ooph). Thank God it was me home and not B. I knew where every candle, match, and flashlight was in that apartment. I've moved everything so much that B would've been lost!

The power came back on and I was able to make chicken enchiladas, which I'm taking to my old roommate Kitty tonight, who is currently hosting/doctoring her fiance after eye surgery, after work today. Tonight is more packing, more organizing before B gets home tomorrow. The goal is to have a stack of wires and cords for him to look through before we deem them leave-able. Thank goodness we aren't doing this over ichat!

Long story short(er), it's a crazy week. Moving on Friday and lots to do before then!

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