Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Newlywed Moment of the Day

B & I are sharing a car this week, as his is already in Durham and he and I are both, well, not. We've been trying to hit our favorite eateries while we're still here, so lunches out have been a real treat. Today's planning session, on the other hand, was not:

me: whenever you're at a stopping point for lunch is good for me. no rush, but not need for delay either. whatever you want

B: no, i'm good whenever
just give me twenty minutes or so to get showered up

me: :) Want to come around 11:45? we could go by tjmaxx if we need to, then either hit sol azteca, city hall diner, moe's, etc

B: right but you have to come get me, remember

me: aaahaha, yes. t hat would be key good reminder!

B: haha

me: Ok, I'll come get you at around 11:45, how's that?

B: perfect that'll be great

me: losing my mind. :)

B: but you're so pretty so it's all good

me: :) I love you so much.

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