Monday, July 20, 2009

To the Water!

B and I worked like mad to get out of town a little early on Friday and it paid off. I left work around 3 and headed to Sam's to get the food for the weekend, which entailed five minutes of grabbing and 10 minutes staring at the meat selection trying to decide on ground beef or packed burgers (ground) and debating between several types of steak (still not sure what I got, but it was good!).

We packed up the car and headed to ATL, where we dropped some wedding presents at his parents, grabbed dinner, and were back in the car all in about 15 minutes. I kid you not; we were motivated!

We ended up beating his friends up to the lake house, which worked out really well as they would've had to break in under the cover of night had they arrived first. After quickly unpacking and squealing over one of his newly engaged friend's fiance's new status and, of course, ring (ok, so that was mostly just me), we packed a basket of wine, beer, and congratulatory cookie cake (that I decorated in the moving car as we wound around mountain roads. Talent, friends) and headed to the screened in porch down near the water where we spent the next few hours telling stories, catching up, and hearing the newly engaged couples' fun tale!

I crashed early that night (if 2am counts as early!) but got up early the next morning (if 10am counts as early...) to enjoy a day packed with laying out, reading magazines, cruising in the boat, and lots of delicious food. Eggs and bacon? Check. Bacon cheese burgers? Check. Steaks with prosciutto mac and cheese? (thank you CWC!) Check! Did you get that? Three servings of pork, two of beef, and one non-meat protein. Riding high, friends.

Prepping dinner was one of my favorite times. We were showering in shifts and furiously working the sauteed corn and steaks, desperate to eat, consume as much wine and Champagne as possible, and still make it to the drive-in, yes the drive-in, on time to see Harry Potter.
After delegating jobs ("you two-- chairs; you two--drinks/food; we'll clear the table; everyone grab blankets!), we piled the six of us into my Murano along with Tater, the non-swimming (just yet) wonder dog, and headed off to the drive in for three hours of cookie cake (yes, we bought a second one), wine, beer, Champagne, muggles, and the great outdoors.

Sunday was another awesome day on the lake. B and I laughed that when the two of us go, Sunday seems like a waste. We eat breakfast, get too lazy to go to the water, pack up, and leave. But this Sunday (I credit the cookie cake), we were anything but hungry, so we headed down to the water for a full five hours of boating, reading, floating, and lazing. Yeah for summer afternoons!

We headed home that evening, stopping by Atlanta to have a fun dinner with his parents. We sat on the back porch of our first married home (it's true!) and caught up with them on their travels, then packed up and headed to our Birmingham home, where we quickly crashed.

The night got punchy toward the end as B started cleaning out my car while I drove. He found no fewer than 100 ATM receipts (deposits, thank you very much), 52 pens, and enough bbq take-out menus to satisfy a family of five. I am so lucky to have him.

The weekend tuckered us both out, but the best always do. We also heard good news that my sister's house sold, which means that all four of us kids will be moving in the span of like two weeks. God help my Mom! Anyone know any good movers in MN, NC, or AL?

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