Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting On Top of Things

Two steps forward, one step back...

Tried to change my name on my credit card. Turns out, you need to go to a Banking Center to show your new ID and get the forms. The nearest to me is 100 miles away in Georgia. I do not believe you, online FAQ-- there must be another way!

Social Security office was a breeze, until I got to the DMV and found out that the Social Security office had only given me the cover sheet for what I needed. The actual form was awol. DMV lady says, "Those people can't change a name to save their lives." Asked her if she needed said form. She said no, further proving that much of this paperwork is really more busy work.

Went to the DMV the next day (Did you know you have to wait 24 hours between a Social Security change and a DMV change? System updates, my friend.) Waited in the five minute line only to have the girl invalidate my current license then realize that she couldn't issue me a new one. "Do you have something going on?" she asked me, raising her eyebrows as she looked at her screen.
What? What does that even mean? No jokes at the DMV, lady! She sent me over to see the administrator, who had me wait 2.5 hours (Can't leave, no license!) to tell me that the problem was my maiden name is too common. Five minutes (plus 2.5 hours plus five minutes) later, I was finished.

Activated my new Healthcare Savings card, only to have it be rejected at CVS (sorry B!).

Tried to activate my new credit card/debit card on B's account, only possibly to have deactivated B. How's that for a "thanks for marrying me!" moment?

I think I have it wrong. One step forward, two steps back... right? That's more like it!

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Jennifer said...

The name-changing part is definitely the worst part. I told my hubby that there's no way we can break up because I never want to go through that again!