Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Moving On

Today I'm cleaning out my calendar, starting with the stickies that still remain taped on the front from the wedding. They list each day, starting Friday and spanning until Wednesday and cover everything from confirming the makeup lady to printing ceremony lineups to updating my benefits at work. Farewell, post its! I meant to take them off earlier, but, after Dad died, it felt somehow weird. Too final. I'd rather hold on to the "just married" feeling, thank you!

Tossed duplicate copies of bills and contracts, basically the skeletal reminders of the details of our wedding, at least on paper. Thankfully, no funeral arrangements or obit copies tucked inside. Odd, as I had my planner with me on both occasions.

The planner is still too fat and needs to be purged of a few items (old bills to be filed, gift receipts to be collected upon), but it's better, and it's a first step. To be honest, this is the first week where I've felt mentally aware and together, which is good as I'm moving down my to-do list, and bad, as I'm realizing all that I need to do by, literally, Friday.

But my planner is clean(er). For today, that'll do.

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