Friday, July 31, 2009


I keep getting emails from Broderbund, "Quality Software Trusted by Families for 25 Years," and I had no idea why. Just deleted them and moved on with my day. Today I finally clicked to remove myself from the list and was taken to the site-- that's where B purchased Dad's typing tutor program, Mavis Beacon.

Brought back happy memories of Dad typing away late at night. That's where B found him to ask for his blessing to propose, and where Mom tracked the weird sounds of mooing cows and meowing kittens, the tell-tale noises of a key misstroke.

Farewell, Broderbund! Thanks for making my Dad so happy...

"A, how many words can you type a minute?"

"Um, I don't know Dad."

"I'm up to eight. That's pretty good, huh?"

"That's awesome, Dad."

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