Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Holy Moving Day Countdown, Batman!

Um, I'm moving to Durham in 24 days. 24 days! In that time, I need to clean the apartment, pack, pass on unwanted furniture, figure out what to do with the wedding presents credit from speciality stores, figure out if I'm keeping my job, possibly find a job, celebrate the anniversary of the proposal (August 3rd!), and say goodbye to all my Birmingham friends, at least for a little while.

That said, who wants lunch? Seriously, people. Sign up now!

I haven't had this kind of countdown since pre-wedding. Wild.


Little Red said...

I want lunch! Although that could be difficult. One of these days, we should liveblog lunch from our respective cities. It would be a scream. A SCREAM, I tell you.

Jennifer said...

So many changes all at one time can be so overwhelming. At least he's not taking the bar exam right now! Good luck with all the organizing - thankfully, I know you're a pro!

Anna said...

I'm signing up for a post-countdown lunch! I'm so excited to see you in Durham!!!