Friday, July 24, 2009


Feeling blahish today. Want to be outside, not ready to leave work, and would basically rather be home with B eating Girl Scout Cookies, our MO for the past week. Some call it the "wedding weight waiver," we call it "cleaning out the freezer."

It's true, we're moving. Not that this should be a shock. After all, B has one year left of school and we've already moved twice, so what's one more time? We'll be pulling up the anchor in less than a month. Wow, three weeks really. Hm, maybe we should work on cleaning out other parts of the apartment...

I started packing last night, if I can call putting things I don't want in a box "packing." I have a feeling it'll take a few rounds. For instance, four cookbooks survived the great coffee table purge of 2009, but do I really want to pack up, pick up, place, pack up, move, and place again those four books in the next year? Watch it or I'm going to leave here with the clothes on my back and one huge bag of shoes.

Had dinner with my brother last night and he was telling me about my niece who did not inherit my curls but did get my love of all things clothing. Apparently she told her mom, "Nana P always puts me in the same clothes. I have plenty of clothes hanging in my closet upstairs but I have to wear these all the time." Also, "I need new jeans. These don't have enough pockets and they're not comfortable. We've talked about this before." Did I mention she's three?

This exchange prompted me to tell the story of when I took an entire suitcase of shoes on a vacation. In fairness to me, it was an Alaskan cruise, so I needed hiking boots, tennis shoes, fancy shoes (for formal dinner), sandals (it was summer after all), and... hm. Not sure what else I needed, but I do know I brought ten pairs. Oy. At least some things do change!

B and I are looking forward to a fun weekend in town with a little knife set shopping, car browsing, and an afternoon at one of the lawyer's properties outside of town where, I'm told, there will be 4-wheelers, fishing, and "shooting." I can't wait! B laughed that I could out fish him for sure and could probably out shoot. I'm doubtful, but it should be fun.

Look at that. This is what I love about writing. I start off "meh" and end up more motivated and excited about getting work done and getting out of here. Bring on the weekend. Bring on the next three weeks. Bring on my "big talk" with my bosses, happening a week from.. Tuesday? I think... Regardless, bring it on! And when you do, bring dinner, because I have no idea what we're going to eat tonight...

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