Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Goodbye, June!

Ack! Where is time going? I alternate between feeling as though I'm creatively drained (with nothing to write) or that I'm furiously busy (with no time to write). So I'm going to hit pause and take a few minutes to catch up on what's going on.

1-- I'm feeling great today. I'd been overwhelmed with the need to figure out financial items surrounding myself and Dad's estate (our names are still linked on a few things) and also get a game plan for B and myself as we move forward. Today, I got up, called around, found statements, and, as it often is, turns out it's going to be easier than I thought. Yay! Thank you God.

2-- This weekend was amazing. B and I took off on Friday night for a weekend away in DC to visit his family, including his brothers, his Dad's great aunt, his Dad's sister & brother-in-law, his Mom's sisters (and their families), and his Mom's college roommate. Whew! Needless to say, these people were not all in the same place, but we had a great time driving around the DC Maryland area visiting and catching up. I feel like we saw people at the wedding, but only oh-so briefly. Such a treat to see them again this soon.

Another fun spot, his brother bought a puppy. A puppy! B was completely enamored; I know he'd love a dog, if only we had a yard. We went to the park, took walks, and played with this 14-week-old shelter pup for hours. I loved watching B. He'd go get the puppy and bring her into our room and lay back down. The conversation would usually go like this...

Me: What's the puppy doing?
B: She's fine.
Me: It sounds like she's eating my shoe. Is she eating my shoe?
B: (Peers over bed.) Yep. (Removes shoe from reach.)
Me: What's the puppy doing?
B: She's fine.
Me: It sounds like she'd chewing something.
B: (Peers over bed.) That would be your purse. (Removes purse from reach.)
Me: Well she's definitely a girl.

Her favorite place to sit in our room with in our suitcase. On the clothes. Too cute but I couldn't help but think how funny that was going to be when she was full grown.

We flew back Sunday night, exhausted, and collapsed into bed.

3--Date night continues! We've kept Tuesday nights (post my return from Birmingham) as our Mexican food date night, complete with margaritas. It's such a fun time to just hang out with B and, because we're both tired, it's nice to just relax and not think about cooking or groceries.

June isn't the only thing that's coming to a close--Next week B and I pack up and head for Birmingham. I can hardly believe our time in Atlanta is almost over! We're excited to see our Birmingham friends, but are definitely sad to leave ATL behind. After seeing his Mom and Dad every day it's going to be weird to be away from them.

I am super excited because I've gotten to see my Mom a few times in the past few weeks and B and I are planning to head up to see her a week from Friday. I really can't wait. I miss you Mom!

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