Thursday, July 9, 2009

60 Days, Same as Cash

B and I have hit the two-month mark (Happy Anniversary, B!) and he still isn't looking to trade me in. Yea! Granted, when I told him that a few weeks ago, he said, "Of course not, sweetie. None of the newer models have the same features." Aww. Cute. Compare me to a car or lose me forever, big guy!

The past 30 days have been decidedly less exciting, in every sense of the word (less travel, fewer tears, less heartache, fewer diamonds...) and in the best way possible. I can't wait until we're "settled" someplace, at least for longer than six weeks.

This month, we took a weekend trip to D.C. to visit B's extended family, saw Stevie Wonder in concert, took a Ghost Tour of Roswell (GA, not NM), and indulged in a fabulous Fourth with his family. We moved to Birmingham and have embarked on the step-by-step process of becoming adults, starting with name changes and ending with insurance. We also marked my Dad's birthday, the one-month anniversary of his death, and my two-year anniversary with my job in this particular position.

Both months so far in our marriage have found us with a new address, so I'm pleased to announce that when I'm writing this a month from now, we'll still be in the same place!

Happy Anniversary, B. Best month yet.

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