Monday, November 24, 2008

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

Love B. He knows I'm trying to declutter... organize, give stuff away, so on and so forth. So imagine the humor we both found in this IM exchange...

B: anyway, i was thinking, do you still have that toaster?

Me: yep, would you like it?

B: i think so

Me: ok, but know that it comes with three fondue pots and a juicer.

B: haha, no on the fondue

Me: oh, and did I mention the coffee maker? It's part of the package too.

B: whatever. i really just want the toaster

Me: would you actually like the juicer? I didn't hear a no.

B: not really

Me: well you can totally have the toaster. My mom tells me I should keep it because it's big enough for bagels. Making that good for two things I don't eat: toast and bagels.

B: but i like both

Me: perfect. So help me God, if I have to give this thing away twice.

B: we might have to do that.

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