Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Ultimate in Baking Indulgence

This Sunday, J and I got together to embark on a baking extravaganza never before attempted this side of the Mississippi. Granted, I don't know where Bakerella is located (the mama of this brilliant idea), but I'll assume she's somewhere over there, just helps me keep my ducks in a row.

We make Cake Pops, brilliant little bite-sized creations of baked cake mixed with icing, then scooped into balls, dipped in bark or candy melts, and decorated, in this case, as turkeys and cup cakes.

It was crazy fun but also overwhelming. It looks so simple! Let me tell you, it is not. We started at 4pm baking the cake and five hours, four red-stained hands, and about 47 chocolate-covered espresso beans later, we were done. And they're so freaking cute!

Bakerella makes tons of these things and her Halloween ones were particularly super-cute. Her pops look way better than ours, but we comforted ourselves that perhaps she had to make 50 to get her perfect five, and this probably wasn't her first rodeo.
The verdict? Super fun. Set aside a day for it. Don't do it with kids if you're looking for perfection (and certainly ditch the espresso beans in that case!). Probably not a good idea for wedding favors. Believe you me, you'd still be picking red velvet cake out from underneath your nails even on your honeymoon.

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Haley Morgan said...

Those look GREAT! I'm glad yall got to do this! Sounds like it was a long process... maybe I'll just eat one of yours, instead of making them... :)