Sunday, November 30, 2008

B Knows Football

B was driving through some ridiculous traffic today en route back to law school, so when I called to say hi, he asked for a score update. See, this is why we haven't upgraded to satellite radio or fancier cell phone plans--it keeps us close. Right. Anyway, I was happy to help him out. Little did we realize that it would be a telling conversation.

Me: Ok, here we go. Atlanta beat South Dakota 22-16. Pittsbu--

B: What? No, hon, it's San Diego.

Me: Oh right, why would South Dakota have a pro football team? Sorry about that. Back to the scores. Pittsburgh beat New England 33-10. Seattle lost to the Giants 23-7. Um.... Kansas City?

B: Right.

Me: Beat Oklahoma 20-13.

B: What? Hon, that's Oakland. Not Oklahoma.

Me: Crap! I thought I knew this. Shoot, wait, it says that Seattle lost to Dallas 34-9, but I thought Seattle played the Giants?

B: What does it say?

Me: WAS.

B: Washington.

Me: Right, Seatt--oh. I bet this turned out way more entertaining than you expected.

B: That it did.

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