Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"The Day of the Ax"

Ooph, what a title to give November 19th. Seems like our friends in the press would go a little easier. After all, they're in publishing, too!

As most of you know, layoffs are looming and publishing is in trouble, at least for me. We'll see what today brings following two weeks of nonstop layoffs. How is today suppose to be the bad one? Aren't they all bad?

As the article says:

TIME Inc. today becomes not a publisher of magazines but of pink slips instead.

Pray for the people getting bad news today, right before the holidays, during what can at best be described as a down-turned economy. What a day!

...and for the emergency meeting my boss just called in fifteen minutes. I think I'll switch to a more stable career, like investment banking.

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Jennifer said...

I think of you and your coworkers often. Good luck.