Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wedding Planning Moment of the Day

With fewer than six months to go between now and the wedding, I'm starting to get my wedding legs (akin to sea legs, only less sculpted) about me regarding a few things. Today's lesson? Wedding registries. I have lots of thoughts and rants that I'll save for a rainy day, but for now I'm just trying to fill out my information online to save a little time at the stores when I go browsing this Saturday.

So I'm typing my details (name, wedding date, state) into one of the sites and it comes back with this:

We have found the following registry that matches the name and wedding date you provided...

Ashanta Johnson & Brian Kelly, 8/25/06

For serious? Did their system recognize any part of my information? Maybe it thought I was confused? And that wedding was two years ago! I guess Ashanta and Brian are still holding out hope that someone is going to buy them that roasting pan. Dream on, kids. Dream on.

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