Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UVA Softball Tournament

B & I had a blast this weekend at the softball tournament in Charlottesville. Every year, about 50 teams from law schools across the country descend on UVA for a three-day softball (and beer) bender. We love it because we get to see old friends from college and this year was especially amazing because instead of having crack-of-dawn games and cold, windy weather, we had late afternoon games and gorgeous sunshine the whole weekend long.

We arrived on Friday in time to check in, stop by Wild Wings (the hotspot for the tourney), and get to the field in time to hand out the first bum-whupping of the weekend. And by "we," I mean Duke, as I spent most of my time in the lawn chair nursing a sweet tea and a growing suntan.

They won twice on Friday night and didn't play again until Saturday at 5 pm. B & I took advantage of the morning and hit the outdoor mall for amazing pizza and a hearty dose of local culture. I love downtown C'ville! We stopped by the farmer's market and resisted buying every last plant of basil in the place.

After another victory on Saturday, we headed straight to a fabulous Irish pub where we toasted our good fortune and played hour upon hour of shuffleboard. Again, let's clarify that the "we" is used loosely. B & his partner ran the table for over 3.5 hours. That's longer than Titanic. It was almost sad to force them to leave!

Sunday they got a good couple of games in before we lost, knocking ourselves out of the tournament. We got home around 4 and unwound for the rest of the evening. All told, it was a great weekend. B's hip and shoulder are still recovering from various over-use and impact, respectively. We aren't the kid we used to be, but heavens if we aren't more fun now. :)

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