Friday, April 2, 2010


I hate to do it this way, but it's the only way to get back up to speed! Here are our highlights from the past few weeks...

St. Patrick's Day! We spend the holiday of B's saint (appropriate, no?) with a few of his high school friends and their lovely better halves at the St. Patty's Day festival in Columbia, SC. B and I went down there thinking the "festival" would be what most places have: a few bars in a row with green beer. Don't get me wrong, we were stoked!
So imagine our surprise when we pull up and realize that they're closing off the entire downtown for a festival that begins at 9am with a parade. We ended up getting down there around 11, heading through the fences, and finding the streets lined with beer venders. Beer in funny glasses? Beer in discount refillable mugs? Green Beer? Don't mind if we do!
It was a perfect catch-up weekend, and one in which we were all asleep by 11 that night. Well done St. Patty's Day, if you ask me!

Work! These days, I'm doing a lot, namely babysiting for five families around 30 hours a week total. Now that spring has sprung, it's wonderful! We go outside, build obstacle courses, swim at the community pool, take walks, have picnics, and take some really great naps.
I had to convey to B that, while these all sound like wonderful activities (and they are!), there are still plenty of diaper changes, tantrums, eye-to-eye intentional conversations, lunches fixed (I hate touching those tiny canned hot dogs), and cleaning up. I think it's best captured by our exchange the other night:
B: Hey, there's something green on the back of your shirt.

Me (freezing): I'm going to need you to be more specific, because I've seen a lot of stuff today.

B: It looks like pen.

Me: Oh. Thank God.

Let's just say I shower a lot and toss all my clothes into the hamper as soon as I get home! This week was fun; I called B to see if he wanted to come over and go for a walk with me and my seven-month-old charge. It was fantastic! He and I got to talk, the baby thought we were talking to him, and we got a little exercise to boot (ok, ok, I was tired of pushing the stroller so I made the call... :))

Nana's Here! I've had such a blast hanging out with Mom a little while she's been in town. She and B hit Trader Joe's yesterday so she could take home some fun wine and sample some of their yummy fare. I wonder how we get a franchise started in Alabama...
Mom's really here because my sister is finishing her PhD, which she just turned in yesterday on April Fool's (of all days!). She'll have to defend later (on Tax Day, if you can believe it), but this is a huge milestone. I know Easter's going to be great around here!

Beach Weekend B & I headed to the beach this past weekend for a night to help his parents get it ready for the season. It was so nice to be outside in the sunshine getting things marked off the list while enjoying the great view of the ocean. Sign me up to help every year!
While we helped a little, we spent a lot of time having great meals with his parents and catching up with the rest of his family, who were also in town to help. We've missed them. Hope they come see us in Florida!

Big Move Our next big move is upon us and will be here before we know it. By mid-May, B will have graduated, we will have packed and hit the road for his little brother's graduation, one of my friends will have had a baby, and three more will be several weeks closer! Sure, we're feeling blessed, but definitely keep praying for us!!

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