Friday, April 23, 2010

Love These Guys!

So you know that B is doing big things these days. Graduating law school. Approaching one year of marriage with me, a sucess by any standard. Pulling his weight in the couple vs 1 million peppermint patties (thank you, Sam's club). But I haven't told you what his brothers are up to.

Middle brother there is in the process of purchasing his first house. His first house! Did I mention he's a younger brother? We're super proud, especially because he's in D.C. and, from what we hear, home buying is a different beast there. Good luck, K! Here's hoping you find exactly what you want, with plenty of room for us to come visit!

And brother there on the right? He's graduating college early, enabling us to go celebrate his very existance by attending various ceremonies for his double major amidst our tour of wine country. Thank you, J! Once we have a house, you can crash with us anytime. Until then, see the above paragraph. :)
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