Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun with the Monkeys

This week has been a little nutty. I was off on Monday morning, so I had all morning to do as I pleased (can't really recall what I actually did!), then hung out with Baby H that afternoon. On Tuesday, I got up and hung out with my niece Sienna for the morning and, as always, she was a hoot.

I don't know about the rest of the country, but Durham has been nailed with some severe pollen. B and I washed our cars on Sunday and you can't even tell. His Jeep looks like he went mudding in green sludge. Yuck.

So anyway, off Sienna and I go to the park, where we proceed to climb, swing, dangle, and crawl over, on, and across anything in reach (as well as learn about table saws, but that's a different story). When we got back to the house, she flopped on the porch and asked me to "draw" her, a game where the girls trace each other's bodies, then draw in the clothes-- like paper dolls, only a a life-size scale!

Well, when she got up, I realized I didn't even need to use the chalk. There was a perfectly-shaped Sienna outline in the pollen. "Sienna," I asked, holding her by the pinkie, "Would you like to take a bubble bath?" "Ohhh," she said, "in Daddy's bathtub?" And why not?

So off we went to the bathroom, where I tried my best to wipe off her little legs (which looked like she had on yellow-green leggings) before plopping her in the massive tub and letting her literally swim around for the better part of 20 minutes.

Oh Spring, I love you, but seriously, can we have some rain to get rid of this yucky dust?

Off to hose my car off. I hate even touching the handle to get in these days!

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