Saturday, April 24, 2010

Things I've Learned from Babysitting

1) Blogger, Word, and every other application I have do not recognize "babysitting" as a word. Gah.

2) Rules and boundaries are in place for a reason. Sharing, counting to 10, and walking the party line are usually a very good idea.

3) Breaking the rules is ok too. "Three stories? Ok."

4) Too much information is a bad thing.
"My tummy is getting full, I can feel the food backed up in my chest. I think I could move it back out to my mouth if I wanted to."

"You know, cows can do that, move their food back and forth from their tummy to their mouth. It's like, all the way down, then 'occupied!' and back up."

"Ha ha! Occupied! Occupied!"

I'm sorry, parents of N.

5) Some days are just hard.
"Today is a good and a not-so-good day."

"That's ok, some days are like that."

"It was the worst day with my friends ever."

6) Punishment, in some form, can be necessary.
"I'm sorry you're strapped in the stroller like your baby brother, but when you don't listen and run directly toward traffic then you end up strapped in the stroller."

7) Kids know themselves better than we think.
"Ok, this place isn't like yesterday. We have to actually sit at the tables and eat; can you do that?"

"No, I don't think I can today. We better go eat in the park."
Editor's Note: He's three!

8) Don't rush. Did you know that it can take a child 37 minutes to eat a mini pack of Skittles? It can. And you can rush them, but not much, and then they're frustrated. Do you know how many Skittles come in said mini pack? Approximately 17. Maybe if we all ate like kids, we'd be a little better off.

9) "Crying it out" is hard. But I'm sure it's harder on the parents than it is on me.

10) Sometimes your hourly rate will feel like highway robbery ("He napped for three hours!") and sometimes it'll feel like chump change ("Yes, he's definitely teething.")

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