Friday, April 2, 2010

Feeling Blessed

Over the past few weeks, I've really been feeling blessed. Busy, but blessed. As you might remember, I've got a few balls up in the air. I'm editing a cookbook, editing a business book, managing a social media campaign, redesigning a website, writing for two travel blogs, and babysitting. Boy am I babysitting.

I was feeling bad and a little stressed about spending so much time away from B and wanting to accomplish all I was doing in a top-notch style (except, of course, for the wording of this blog. too tired to edit thoughts!). And then I started making choices.

I could either hang out with Mom while she was in town and go to the science museum with the girls, or I could stay home and work. I made the choice to go with Mom and suddenly one of my moms didn't need me one morning. Found hours! I made the choice to go with B's family to the beach for a night to help get it ready for the season, and got up at six the morning we left so I could work for five hours before getting in the car and working three more. A full day's work and I still got to spend the afternoon on the beach!

These days, and maybe it's the Lenten season talking, I really feel God blessing both my intentions and my time. I try to get my priorities in order, and I feel like he's rewarding me for that, which is such a wonderful thing! And I know that you're suppose to keep church and state on their own turfs, but I found myself feeling overwhelmingly blessed when I found out we'd be getting a tax return that would replenish the coffers we used to contribute to my Roth. Again, rewarded for trying to do what's right for us and our future.

Not exciting, but peace-bringing, that's for sure! B's on the golf course today and I'm uber-jealous. But not jealous enough to go. Just jealous enough to stay inside with a glass of sweet tea and read People magazine. Ah, the life.

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