Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Swinging with Sienna

After 1.5 hours of swinging at the playground...

Me: Sienna, maybe we could take a break and have a snack.

S: No, I'm ok.

Me: Well, my arms are a little tired from pushing. Do you think we could take a little break.

S (benevolently): Hm.. Ok. But my arms don't hurt.

Me: But I've been pushing you, so mine are tired.

Two minutes pass...

S: Can we swing some more?

Me: Sure!

S: Are your arms still tired?

Me: Yes, but maybe we'll just swing super high instead of super-duper high.

S: Ok. But this is really low.

Me: I know, I'm getting you up there.

S: You are! You're doing it! You're getting it!

Nothing like having a two-year-old cheering squad!


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Queen B said...

Oh my gosh, can not wait to be an hour away from this kid in 14 months! Thanks, A for sharing such a precious story!