Friday, April 23, 2010


This week was nuts. B had his last day of class and is already knee-deep in outlining and prepping for his final round of exams. To busy myself and keep out of his hair, I took on all but one babysitting jobs that I was offered. To wit? I found myself sitting...

8 hours Monday
7 hours Tuesday
12 hours Wednesday
12 hours Thursday
5 hours Friday

Great for us, we bought fun things at Sam's to help B prep. Beer, chips, approximately 1 million peppermint patties... you know, the usual.

Today was a great day. I sat for two boys, a three year old and a 14 month old. We went to the kids' museum, played in the park, had a hot dog picnic, then took a 2 hour walk. Whaaaa?, you ask? Well, they fell asleep 15 minutes in and I'd be damned if I was stopping before one of them woke up. I'd rather deal with screaming calves than screaming monkeys!

I have a gig tomorrow night for four hours (ah! A breeze!), but otherwise I'm getting some of my freelance work done, meeting up with the Smith family, and going to bed early. The other night B woke me up at 10 pm from my deep slumber on the couch to tell me to go to bed. It went something like this.

B: Baby, I'm going to put you in bed, ok?

Me: Nooooooo... it's not even 10. It's not even a respectable hour yet.

Running Watch: Beep!

B: Now it's 10. Let's go to bed.

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