Saturday, April 3, 2010

ADventures in Babysitting: Star Wars

Me: Ughhh, so tired. Can't go play Star Wars today.

B: What do they make you do.

Me: I have to be Derk Smalls and chase them around.

B: You mean Darth Mal?

Me: Whatever. Do you think they'd let me be Ghenghis Khan, the fat one that just sit in a lump on the steps?

B (jaw drops): Do you mean Jaba the Hut?

Me: Sure.

B: I'm not sure we can stay married.


Bekah said...

This is really funny. I find myself having similar conversations with my roommate when she's in the room during any sci-fi series.

~Mariah~ said...

~;o) Though I think I agree with B.