Thursday, October 15, 2009

What to Do in Napa

Day 2 began, shockingly, with more food. Yes, that's right, after a night of steak, lemon verbena sherbet, brownies, wine, and tons of good bread, I was hungry. While B and his brothers went out on a run (crazies), his parents and I got breakfast in the hotel. I heart the Embassy Suites chain--where else can you make yourself a breakfast of banana pancakes with a side of bacon and just wander in and out as you please? Love it.

Once we got everyone up and going, we headed off to
Trefethan, another favorite winery of B's family, where we found some delicious reds. Next up? Duckhorn. B's Dad had wanted to check it out and never had the chance. It was gorgeous! I'm so glad we went. We sat on the back porch of this lovely home looking out over the fields with blankets wrapped over our knees.

Next up? Lunch. All that good wine made us, again, hungry, so we ran to "a deli," his parents told us. Ha! At V. Sattui, we feasted on these amazing stackers and passed containers of gourmet salads around the wooden picnic table.

Once we finished up, it was off to Rombauer, which definitely won for best view. Looking out from its tasting room was like peering into the Smoky Mountains, complete with amazing fall color in the trees. Plus, they gave you your glass. Gotta love that!

We finished the day at Mumm, a vineyard known for their Champagne, where we toasted with two bottles of bubbly before packing off to Berkeley, where we dropped his brother before we headed into San Francisco.

Whew! So we got to San Francisco and checked into our hotel before indulging in a "light" dinner at an Italian restaurant, Kuleto's. It turned out to be amazing-- delicious bread, wonderful pasta, and top-notch marinara. We finished the night early, collapsing into bed to ready ourselves for the next day's adventures.

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