Thursday, October 8, 2009

Five Months!

Ok, we're one day early, but that's because B and I are off on vacation, our first extended one since the honeymoon, bright and early tomorrow morning and, believe you me, you don't want to read what I'd post at 4:40am, which is when we have to LEAVE for the airport.

More on the vacation in a minute. For now, it's time to celebrate. Five months! I told Brian a few weeks ago that this month has definitely been the best so far, in part because of fun trips, but mostly because it's getting to be our favorite time of the year... cooler, so we can sit with the sliding door open in the evenings, and changing leaves! It's perfect for end-of-day walks.

We started this month of marriage off with a bang-- our first visit to Charleston. We had so much fun eating ourselves silly and walking for miles every afternoon and evening. We road tripped there, then winged it up the coastline to his family's beach house. That drive might've been my favorite part of the trip. Having never been to Myrtle Beach, it was quite the experience to cruise the Highway 17 strip. Memorable, that's for sure!

I worked from the beach house for a few days while B enjoyed golf with his grandpa, then we headed back to Durham, where I regrouped then headed back to the beach with my dear college girlfriend (getting married in December) and her best girlfriends for a weekend of girly movies, fresh seafood, and some sunshine.

B and I hosted our first house guest, Renee, another dear girlfriend from college. Even though she only stayed one night, didn't use any sheets or towels, and didn't let us feed her, we're still counting her as our first overnight guest.

I flew back to Birmingham for the first time (our first real time apart since the wedding, counting this and the girls' weekend above) and loved seeing lots of my Bham family and a few of my girls there in town for belated birthday celebrations.

When I got back, we had a little downtime with our first weekend in town (woohoo!) during which I was hopelessly lazy. We did make ribs to take to my sister and her family for Saturday night dinner. And by "we," I mean B stood outside for a lot of the afternoon under a steady drizzle. Yuck. He's amazing.

The next weekend, I babysat my nieces (yea Shrek!), then B and I took off again for the beach to spend a night with his parents, who camped out there for a few days.

B has survived the first quarter of his last year at law school and is finishing up his midterms as we speak (and fly, as the case will be tomorrow). Football season is underway and it's almost time for Taco Soup and Chili. We can't wait!

Like I said, tomorrow we leave on vacation and once we get home, we'll be settling in for a few weeks at home, at least until the holidays. We're working on talking my sister and her crew into a weekend away sometime soon. She reads this blog-- consider yourself cornered, sister! :)

Five months in and life is good. Bring on six!

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