Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day by Day Updates

1. I'm sick and LOVING me some cold medicine. Now I get the Glee reference from two weeks ago about taking some OTC drugs, or "vitamins" as the "nurse" calls them. B watches me swing between a sniffling creature snuggled beneath a mound of blankets and a one-woman cleaning machine, whipping through the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, and living room in under an hour flat. Looking forward to the night version of the drugs. I know it's an induced sleep, but it's certainly better than waking up several times at night!

2. My husband is awesome if for no other reason than his Mom raised him on super soft Kleenex, for which I am super thankful. However, he is also awesome because of magazines, warm sweatshirts (why are the guys' always better?), and more than my fair share of the bed. Yes, that's right, he slept on the couch Sunday night. He says it's because he was up late working after a 8pm cup of coffee. I say that my throne of pillows and four blankets likely edged him out of his usual spot.

3. My husband must think I'm awesome, especially after this exchange early Monday morning, when B wakes up to go for an early morning run.
From the living room: Beep! Beep! Beep!
Me (From the bedroom): Honey?
B (From the living room): Yes?
Me: Do you think you could put your cell phone under your pillow?
B: You want my pillow?
Me: Under the pillow!

4. Looking forward to a weekend at home and then it's back to Birmingham for a few days. From there it's back here until Thanksgiving in Atlanta, then back to Birmingham for work. I think things are slowing down...? I'll let you know next week...

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