Monday, October 26, 2009

Dad Moment of the Day

Arrived at work to find my new business cards waiting for me featuring my new last name and new title. It made me think back to how proud Dad was of my first business cards here. He gave out over 500! Of course, he gave them out two at a time, "because you always lose one." I didn't have the heart to tell him that if he gave the person both cards at the same time, the real probability was that BOTH would end up lost.

Every time I went home, he'd always ask if I'd remembered to bring him any cards. "I'm down to my last little stack," he'd say. Most of the time I forgot. As I threw away the other box of 500 cards sitting in my cubicle today, I realized how much I wished I'd given him all of them!

So I've got my new cards and I know how happy Dad would be to see the new title. He'd turn it over in his hands, then ask if I'd bring him a few. And when I'd hand him a hundred or so, he'd reply, "Well, this should get me through the weekend." I miss you, Dad!

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