Sunday, October 25, 2009

To the Fair!

This week has been crazy. I've gone back and forth between huddling under blankets, feeling amazing, and huddling again. Thursday night and Friday I was feeling amazing, so I accepted an invite to go with my sister's family to the NC state fair. So fun!

With a three year old and a one year old in tow, we had a pretty specific agenda. 1) Get a hot dog. My sister knocked this one out by making one at home and serving it as a snack en route. "God forbid we don't find a hot dog at the fair," she said. They've been talking about it all week! That and 2) Petting baby chickens. That's right. There's a booth at the fair that showcases prize fowl and lets you pet baby chickens, ducks, and pretty much anything else with wings.

So, upon arrival, we made a bee-line for the baby hen house. Huge hit! Ella ran around petting and holding everything. Sienna wanted you to hold it for her and, when she did get to hold it, she liked to squeeze. Gentle touches!

After the petting area (and a good hand wash), we headed to the merry-go-round, then a kiddie roller coaster, a fishing game where Ella won a fish she promptly named Mia Pia, and then... ice cream! Funnel cakes! Corn dogs! It was amazing, and so much fun. Thanks for inviting me, guys!

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~Z~ said...

In that pic of Tim holding the baby chick, I think your niece is making the same face I made at the NC Fair when the llama licked me. Remember? ~;o) Wish I could have joined you guys! Going to that fair with you was a major highlight of our trip!!